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Load image into Gallery viewer, Prodigy D1 Disc Golf Distance Driver
Load image into Gallery viewer, Prodigy D1 Disc Golf Distance Driver
Load image into Gallery viewer, Prodigy D1 Disc Golf Distance Driver
Load image into Gallery viewer, Prodigy D1 Disc Golf Distance Driver


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The Prodigy Disc D1 is a very fast, overstable driver designed for power throwers. This driver is good for all conditions and flies as well into the wind as it does with the wind. The consistent flight path of this disc makes it a favorite of disc golfers looking not only for a long flight but pinpoint accuracy. The flight path is similar regardless of the weight.

13 / 5 / 0 / 4

Prodigy Plastics:

  • 200 - Great for entry-level players as well as experienced players who love to fine tune their discs by working them in. The feel of 200 is similar to 300, but less tacky. Durability: 1/5, Stiffness: 1/5, Grip: 4/5.
  • 300 - Developed for optimum feel and grip. Durable enough to take a solid impact and maintain its flight characteristics while still having the ability to be "broken in." Durability: 2/5, Stiffness: 4/5, Grip: 5/5.
  • 300 Soft - A soft, flexible, and grippy version of 300 that maintains the same great qualities. A great option for players who like a flexible feel with a grippy base. Durability: 2/5, Stiffness: 3/5, Grip: 5/5.
  • 300 Firm - Firmer blend of 300. Has a unique tacky feel and increased stiffness that will break in over time. 300 Firm retains grip even when wet. Durability: 2/5, Stiffness: 4/5, Grip: 5/5. *Formerly 350G Plastic*
  • 400 - Premium blend that is extremely durable with an impeccable grip, even when wet. Provides a stiff rim and more “pop” when you flex the center of the disc. Durability: 4/5, Stiffness: 3/5, Grip: 3/5.
  • Air - Premium blend engineered for the same shot performance as their heavier counterparts, with added glide for effortless and easy distance. Durability: 3/5, Stiffness: 3/5, Grip: 4/5.
  • 500 - Premium blend that is less gummy than 400 for a confident grip. Provides a stiffer flight plate, balancing just the right amount of flex and firmness. 500 has a uniquely pearlescent finish. Durability: 4/5, Stiffness: 3/5, Grip: 3/5.
  • 750 - Premium blend similar in grip and texture to 400, but with a firmer feel and extreme durability. The rigidity makes it great for hot weather, as it retains a good firmness even as it heats up. Durability: 5/5, Stiffness: 5/5, Grip: 2/5.
  • Special Blend - Premium blend with a firm, yet extremely smooth feel and high-caliber durability. Reserved for special editions and produced in limited batches. It feels most similar to 750. Durability: 5/5, Stiffness: 4/5, Grip: 3/5.