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Tournament Program

Tournament Program

We understand the stress in planning an event and we're here to help!

Several Directors have used our Tournament Program and loved the ease and extra money it provides.

What are the benefits?

  • 20% discount on amateur payouts
  • 20% discount on player pack store credit vouchers
  • 2 CTP's valued at approximately $20 each
  • Tournament promotion
  • Payouts can be collected in-store or online
  • Payouts don't expire so people can save for bigger items

20% discount on amateur payouts: The TD can use the extra funds as additional cash for the pro purse, add to the amateur payouts, tournament expenses, or whatever they want.

 For example:

If your total amateur payout is $1000, you would send us the payout list and $800. We would then pass out the $1000 worth of payouts through the store.

Player pack store credit: This can take the place of, or add to the amateur player packs. 

For example:

If you had 50 amateurs and wanted to give each a $20 store credit in their players pack, you would send us the players list and we would set them up for $20 in store credit. You would then send us 50 x $20 = $1000, minus your 20%, so it would only cost you $800.  

Not only is this easier than ordering discs, but players tend to like it because they can choose their own items instead of getting something they might not want.  

Neither amateur payouts or player pack credits need to be paid for upfront, meaning... no out of pocket expense before the tournament starts.

For any questions, please email: sales@13peakstrading.com.