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Load image into Gallery viewer, Discmania Nordic Phenom 2 PD Disc Golf Driver
Load image into Gallery viewer, Discmania Nordic Phenom 2 PD Disc Golf Driver
Load image into Gallery viewer, Discmania Nordic Phenom 2 PD Disc Golf Driver

Nordic Phenom 2

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The Discmania Nordic Phenom strikes for a second time with Niklas Anttila’s second version of his famous PD, the Nordic Phenom 2. They've adjusted the flight of the disc just a bit to give it a slightly straighter flight path with the slightly more domey profile and excellent glide PD lovers enjoy most.

The PD is a power driver, designed to offer control and a reliable flight path in all conditions. It’s possibly the best all-around driver for more advanced players. Newer players will also find use for the PD as a trusty overstable disc for headwind throws and flex shots.

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  • Discmania Plastics:

    • D-LINE - D-line offers great grip and comes in 3 different flexes. Flex 1 is the softest, Flex 2 is medium stiffness and Flex 3 is the stiffest.
    • C-LINE - Discmania's most durable plastic. C-Line discs retain original flight characteristics for an extended period of time.
    • S-LINE - Excellent grip in all weather conditions with great durability.
    • EXO - Standard plastic with two different flexes on standard releases: soft and hard. Exo plastic provides a great grip.
    • NEO - Semi-translucent, premium plastic. The most durable and rigid Evolution line plastic! Still has some flex and offers an awesome grip.
    • LUX - Solid, premium plastic with outstanding grip in all conditions. Lux plastic is very durable and ages well.
    • FORGE - Semi-translucent, highly durable and grippy premium plastic with metallic substance mixed in it.
    • META - Beautiful, pearly, and extremely durable blend. The iridescent qualities of Meta plastic will make the disc change colors when tilted at different angles.
    • VAPOR - Vapor plastic has strong color bursts and is combined with Lux or Exo plastic depending on the special release.
    • ACTIVE - Active is the base level plastic. This solid plastic blend offers a great grip in all weather conditions.
    • ACTIVE PREMIUM - Active Premium plastic is translucent and a highly durable plastic.
    • P-LINE - Great feel and added glide. Easily one of the grippiest plastics out there.