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Load image into Gallery viewer, Westside Discs Sorcerer Disc Golf Driver
Load image into Gallery viewer, Westside Discs Sorcerer Disc Golf Driver
Load image into Gallery viewer, Westside Discs Sorcerer Disc Golf Driver


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The Westside Discs Sorcerer is a high speed disc for all skill levels. With a smaller grip than most high speed discs, the Sorcerer leaves the hand fast. For professional players, it is great for long anhyzers that actually come back when it runs out of speed. The Sorcerer provides a nice long “S” curve line. For lower arm speeds, the Sorcerer will actually get flat and glide before diving to the left. Many drivers designed for slower arm speeds have poor flight integrity. The sorcerer will give you that “pro throw” you have been looking for on the course.

13 / 5 / -0.5 / 3

Westside Plastics:

  • Moonshine - Moonshine is made from the same durable plastic as Opto but with added glow material. The Opto Line plastic has been developed to withstand severe punishment and extreme conditions better than other plastics.
  • Tournament - An advanced version of VIP-plastic that contains technical polymers. The durability of Tournament plastic is at the same level as VIP Plastic, but the Tournament's grip is slightly better.
  • VIP - Super-durable hi-tech plastic with excellent performance. Discs made in VIP-plastic maintain their flight characteristics and reliability for a long time and is suitable to both recreational players and pro players.
  • VIP Air - The Air Technology allows lower weights on both the flight plate and the rim. In the rim, efforts been put into guiding the majority of Air towards the center to provide better impact resistance to the edge and bottom of the rim.
  • Elasto - Transparent and flexible plastic that is also good in cold climate conditions.
  • Revive - Created in an effort to make disc golf more sustainable for the environment, reduce unnecessary waste, and lower disc golf’s carbon footprint.
  • Megasoft - These discs are made for the the best grip and optimal conditions to stick in the chains. When Megasoft hits the ground it stops with minimal skip.
  • BT Soft - Designed to feel good in your hand. Using a blend of rubbers and polymers have given it a smooth texture and a great grip. Rain, snow, or shine, BT Soft will provide that consistent release.
  • BT Medium - Medium, is for all conditions. It has a tacky grip, great durability, and feels fantastic in your hand. In the cold it will still have some give; in the heat it will still hold its shape.
  • BT Hard - Designed to give the user that firmer feel while maintaining a tacky grip. Great for warm climates, the BT Hard holds its shape and is extremely durable.
  • Origio - Grip. That was the intention. Make a plastic that feels great and is easy to throw. Origio is that solution.