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Load image into Gallery viewer, Gateway Discs Smugglers Coffee Stamp Voodoo
Load image into Gallery viewer, Gateway Discs Smugglers Coffee Stamp Voodoo

Voodoo - Smugglers Coffee Double Stamp

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The Voodoo is a great lay-up disc or straight-line putter.

The mold is similar to the Wizard with a significantly smaller bead on the rim. This putter feels very comfortable in your hand and flies like a broken-in Wizard.

Smell that aroma! What coffee is in the disc:

Tomb of Caffeination: Are you ready to go on an adventure? Gateway's first espresso, Tomb of Caffeination, will take you on a flavor journey. A chocolate bomb with graham cracker notes and a touch of fruity strawberry dominate this Italian inspired espresso blend. Tomb of Caffeination is perfect as a shot of espresso, a fancy pour over, or in a mug from your favorite drip machine. 

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Gateway Plastics:

  • Diamond (D) - The Diamond blend is a high-grade TPU and creates the best durability and grip. Runs are clear, translucent, or opaque and are more over stable than Suregrip or Platinum.
  • D-Glow - The Diamond blend is a high-grade TPU combined with strontium which produces a long lasting bright glow. These blends create the best durability and grip. Runs are clear/translucent making the glow even more intense.
  • Platinum (P) - The Platinum blend is a TPU and co-polyester TPE producing a durable disc that is a bit more grippy than pure TPU. Platinum discs are always solid and slightly less stable than Diamond and more over stable than Suregrip.
  • Pure White (PW) - The Pure White blends are a talc filled polypropylene which produce a flatter, lower profile. This blend is firm on the rim for durability, grippy on the surface, and on the stiffer side with slightly more over stability.
  • Firm (F) - The firm putt & approach discs have a firm rim with a slight flex in the flight plate. They hold up well when throwing shots on wooded holes and do not get too flexible when playing in warmer temperatures.
  • Super Soft (SS) - The 2S putt & approach discs are slightly stiff in the rim and pliable in the flight plate. These discs cover a wide range of putting styles and are still firm enough to be used for driving and lay up shots.
  • Super Stupid Soft (SSS) - The 3S putt & approach discs are flexible in both the rim and flight plate. This flex is perfect for flick putters and chest putting where thumb pressure is applied to the flight plate.
  • Super Stupid Silly Soft (SSSS) - 4S putters are just about as flexible as a disc can be made and still hold its shape. These discs are very popular among newer players who need the extra grip in the chains on slightly off center hits.
  • Superglow (GLO) - The Superglow blends are made using the element strontium producing a long lasting bright glow. Most Superglow putters over the years fall between F and SS. More flexible runs are now being marked with accurate flex.
  • Organic (OG) - Organic runs are a combination of recycled rubber and a renewable resource (corn based bio-polymer). Most organic discs have a very chalky surface and fall in between S and 2S.
  • Eraser (ER) - The Eraser blend is a special mix of polymers that creates an “Eraser-like” grip on the surface of the disc.
  • Money ($) - The money blends can range from 2S to 4S. This blend uses a very flexible elastomer which causes the discs to look shiny on the surface and become very gummy with use. The $ blend is great for wet conditions.
  • Special Blend (SB) - These prototype batches range in quantities from 60 to 300 discs. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to recreate. The current blend is something which can, and could end up becoming the final Special Blend.